Welcome to my website. This was started a few years ago with the help and patience of my son, who lives 3,000 miles away in Ontario. At the time there was only "The Wrens" website in Toronto and Margaret Robinson's website in Sydney, NSW. I was hoping to find something like the Ganges website, so Andrew helped me to do one. Now there are a few more, which you will find links to on my Links page. I have also added a "Friends" page for all the people who are trying to find information about ex-wrens that they knew many years ago.  I'd been in Canada for years before I found out about the Association of Wrens. I really enjoy the magazines but it wasn't until last year that I was able to attend a reunion. I didn't meet anyone that I had known while I served but I did get to meet the "girls" from my Internet club.  

That was really something. We have a lot of laughs. Most of the time we just leave messages on the board but now and then we'll have what one of the girls calls a "gab fest". Those who have microphones, talk; the rest type!! Everyone listens. Lots of fun. Everyone is 21 on here, no matter their chronological age, which range from 30's to 80's. We all talk the same language.  

If you would like to learn more about the Association, you can write to: The Association of  Wrens, 8, Hatherley Street, London, SW1P 2YY. It is just eight pounds a year and we get a lovely magazine, in the Spring, Summer and Autumn. 


Anyone who would like to join the internet club, email me at "join internet club". The more the merrier. One of our members in Plymouth made a banner to hang behind the table that we had at the reunion and she put the flags of each of the countries where our members live:  Australia, New Zealand, The USA and Canada, Scotland, Wales and the UK. She gave it to me before we split up and it now hangs behind me. I'll put a photo on my "Pictures" page.  

There is an RN, RM and WRNS Trafalgar Day 2003 reunion on the Gold Coast of Australia this year.  If you would like more info you can contact me. OK?  There is also a Dauntless reunion. More info about that from the Dauntless link. 

I hope you will find something of interest on here and if you would like your long, lost friends to find you, send me your info: Name and maiden name, official number and the date you joined; places you served and anyone you would like to find.  We'll give it our best shot. Good luck  




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