Hollerís Karaoke Help Page


Welcome to Hollerís Karaoke Page!

Posted are a list of pages to assist you who need a bit of help or direction on how to burn a CD+G disk.† I have used a variety of software and believe me, I have made almost every single mistake there is.

As always, a good place to start is my FAQ on explaining CD+G and the different hardware and software involved.† I try to use what most of you have available as far as burner and burner ware.† There has only been one person that asked first what burner and software you should have to do this task. Remember, everybody's system is different, however most of the burn techniques work the same way for most.† For some, you may need to use part of one page, then the rest of another.† You may have to get there by trial and error.

I have been helping people all over the net burning CD+G on various forums and software pages.† With the demise of Karaoke Playground, some of the best information and help pages are lost, so I updated them and posted them here on my own site.

Lastly, if you need extra assistance or if you are pulling out your hair trying to figure this stuff out, drop me a line at holler67@yahoo.ca and I can give suggestions through email or messenger.† I have in the past helped a total newbie over MSN burn their first karaoke disk with success on their first try!

Have fun, and best luck!

Holler† :)