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"Adventurous and looking for work, we came to Tahsis, British Columbia. Our love for the rainforest, the wilderness and the tranquility of the coastal waters surrounded by magnificent mountains captured our hearts."

During your stay with us you will find that Tahsis has an abundance of activities, history, scenery and wildlife, all at our doorstep. We have some of the world's best salmon, halibut and fresh water fishing to enjoy, along with an abundance of hiking trails, parks and a new estuary boardwalk. You'll find the Tahsis Recreation Center fully equipped just a short walk away as well as a salmon river located just outside your suite.

"Great Hospitality Fern - we feel so relaxed. Great cozy guest house - such a peaceful location. We will spread the word about Tahsis to friends."
The McNamara's Florida.

Tahsis is also where British Columbia's written history began. Spaniards sighted native people on the beach at Friendly Cove in 1774, but did not land. In 1778, Captain Cook landed at Friendly Cove in Nootka Sound and attempted to claim the area for King George the third of England. Fourteen years later, Captain George Vancouver of England and Governor Bodega Y Quadra of Spain, visited Maquinna, the Mowachaht Chief, at Tahsis, to settle the international dispute over ownership of the Pacific Coast from Alaska to California.

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