FixupEHuv.gif (20785 bytes) In November 1966 we took     delivery of our first Motorhome - the now legendary  Ultra Van. 22'x8'x8', driven by a Corvair Turbo engine.
MH11.jpg (34627 bytes) That Winter 1966/7 we were boondocking on a beautiful bay in Mexico called Melaque  (North of Manzanillo). I am holding a coconut carved in my effigy... We spent a few Winters there and a whole year in Guadalajara, before taking the Ultra Van, our Spaniel and a parrot over to Europe on the "Stefan Batory", out of Montreal.


MH2.jpg (29907 bytes) Between 1970 and 1973, starting out in Switzerland,  we toured Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Andorra, Austria, Italy, Greece, Yugoslavia, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium. This picture was taken in Switzerland and was used in advertising the Ultra Van in the New York Herald Tribune. It was sold to an American living in Nice, France in August 1973. He said, " I know I'm crazy buying a motorhome in order to get an organ!".


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