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This is what makes me tick:

trabul1d.gif (308 bytes)    I 've been playing piano, organ and keyboards for many years - Gershwin, Berlin, Porter,
Kern are my favorite composers and Errol Garner is my guru.

I have done a lot of traveling with my wife Heidy in motorhomes, trailers and fifth wheels - lived an entire year in Guadalajara and spent many Winters on beautiful beaches in Mexico; we visited most States of the US. But, since our origins are in Switzerland, we toured Europe as well as North Africa extensively. So - --Travel is certainly of great interest!


trabul1d.gif (308 bytes) I'm interested in people, languages, religions, scrabble, video photography,
not necessarily in that order ....


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Update 2007 :

Since the last revision, things have changed. 
Heidy, the dog and the cat are all gone.

May 11 2006 Heidy and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, but on her birthday June 18,
she passed away at the age of 78.



               Meet Heidy and Me ...

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Arizona 1978

New Year's Eve,
Mexico 1986

Berne, Switzerland 1995


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Shaman from the Himalayas

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Son Steve, is managing changes at  Torbay Cottage Resort on Lake Nipissing in North Bay, Ontario. If you want to know what he is up to, why not ask him at nicosan4all@gmail.com   


We have lived for over 20 years in beautiful Osoyoos, BC - visit at: 



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Rusty had travelled with us for years and spoke many languages fluently, at least all the dogs in Mexico and many European countries understood him perfectly.
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After Rusty died in 1993, we sold our house and moved into the White Sands Condominiums overlooking Lake Osoyoos.
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If you would like to contact us ...

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Egon Landsberg

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As I am living and traveling on a cruise ship for a year, ending October 2011, I can only be reached by email at:




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