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Egon Theodore Landsberg

09 Feb 1917 - 30 Apr 2013





Update Spring 2013:

In Memoriam



 Fall 2010 :

I am spending a year on MSC "Poesia" cruising the
Caribbean and Mediterranean

Link to my Cruise Critic Pages ( beginning June/2010)

Article from the Osoyoos Times Sep 2010

My Frisky Nonagenarian Soulmate,
Who Lives On a Ship
Aug 2011

Article/Video from btno Norway Sep 2011

Article from The Jewish Post & News Apr 2012

Bart Kakoschke  VideoClip Jul 2012

Look at the itinerary - it sure would nice to see any of you
on the ship some time or other!


Adventures  2010 - 2013

Follow this link for
my itinerary & ship webcams

Follow this link for
my email 'reports' from N. America

 Follow this link for
my email 'reports' from Europe

The Second Going
my email 'reports' from
Oct 2011 - July 2012

Suspended Animation
my email 'reports' from
July 2012 onward



Go to "Msc Cruises (USA)" for the ship details




















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