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Egon Theodore Landsberg                09 Feb 1917 - 30 Apr 2013


Egon Theodore Landsberg 09 Feb 1917 - 30 Apr 2013

Hello to you all once again.

The Time arrived and Dad / Egon has passed. His transition to the 'afterlife' was just after 2 a.m. this morning, Tuesday April 30th.

My father lived a long and rich life full of wanderlust, adventure and intrigue, caring, generosity and love. He was gifted with intelligence and talent, sharing all his attributes willingly and freely to everyone who traversed his path. A good listener, he spoke his mind and expressed a distaste for incompetence. Egon was a student of Man, or perhaps more precisely the 'Mensch' in Mankind.

Within the hundreds of contacts of Family, Friends, and Acquaintances in my fathers email groups, many of You were touched by his travels in later years, while some of you have graced his life for 60 years and more. All of you were special to him and there is no doubt that he thanks you for being 'there' for him, even and perhaps especially during the last weeks of rapid decline in his well being. Some of 'his-story' is found on his website at the link below, a site rather incomplete but with sufficient representation of his last sixty years or so.

Dad's wishes were simple, the lowest cost cremation possible, no memorial service, no fuss, and scatter his ashes, together with those of his third wife, Heidy (2006), over the Lake at Osoyoos in British Columbia where they enjoyed living for over 30 years.

I will miss you Dad, may your music and our memories console us. Love ~ Steve

Beatrice Durrer
Apr 30

Lieber Steve,

selbst auf seinem letzten Weg lies sich Egon nicht einschätzen. Der Freiheitliebende, Aktive, und Kreative hat mich immer wieder verblüft.
Ja Steve, er hat uns alle überrascht, Egon hat sich mit dem grossen Manitu getroffen. Alles gut, aber es schmertzt mich dennoch sehr. Ich möchte Dir meine Anteilnahme überbringen, Abschied für immer zu nehmen tut einfach weh! Deine Bereitschaft in letzter Zeit, zwischen Egon mir zu vermitteln, war einfach grossartig. Vieles war nur möglich mit Deiner Hilfe, dafür umarme ich Dich und sage Dir "Dankeviumau däm Erden-Engel Steve."

In Gedanken bei Euch mit Herzgrüsse und liebe

Noch etwas, das Packet war nicht mehr zu stoppen, also es ist unterwegs zu Dir. Bitte öffnen, aber nicht zurück schicken. Ich habe es nach unserem Telefon gemacht.

Adriana Tobias
Apr 30

Hello Steven,
I had the pleasure to meet your adorable father in Cozumel two years ago .
My kids , two boys of five and my daughter of 9 , my husband and I all fell in love with him, and we really really feel blessed to have met such a great man.
He called me Sofia Loren , as i am Italian , and I told him in my next life he would be my man!
He was a man of charisma very intelligent so gracious very fascinating artist, a real gentleman , I am so happy to have met him and I am happier that my kids really got to meet such a man! They were so happy to have breakfast and dinner with him for two weeks in Cozumel, he was the excitement of the day for my kids and for us!
He will always be in my heart that adorable man!

All the best Steven,

Adriana, Tommaso
Sebastian Sofia and my husband Adam

Alberta J. Vargas
Apr 30

Requiescat in Pace

Frances Olsen
Apr 30

Dear steve, We all knew this time was coming and yet we still grieve. We shall miss our visits and the emails (even if there were too many at times). He was a great, strong, spirit and certainly did his part in this world in spades and had a good ride. We will keep him in prayer as he passes through to the other reality. thank you again for being there and providing such loving care. It is wonderful to think of him free, flying, soaring, and once again with Heidy. Keep in touch perhaps we'll call you in a few weeks, do we have your phone number?
I'm sending separately a photo and a poem both of which I recently did they are from a walk we took with good friends in the Townships. I'll have to send the album thru Picasa, hope you'll enjoy them.

Big hugs, love, Fran & Rick

Apr 30

Danke, dass Du uns geschrieben hast. Wir begleiten Egon mit unserer Liebe auf seinem Weg, den er jetzt geht.

In tiefer Verbundenheit

Ruth und Hans Kern
CH-3537 Eggiwil

Blanca Baldi via yahoo.com
Apr 30

Our sympathy and warmest thoughts are with you now.

Love, Luciano and Blanca

Lea Lane
Apr 30

Condolences to you, Steve. (I sent a link to a piece that I did on Egon a couple of years ago in my previous email.

Here is is again. http://open.salon.com/blog/lea_lane/2011/08/04/my_frisky_nonagenarian_soulmate_who_lives_on_a_ship 

Your father will be remembered by so many as an inspiration! We enjoyed cruising with him and meeting him later in New York and Ft. Lauderdale. He was an outstanding man and led an amazing life.

(If it would be of any solace, you might consider copying the comments from friends, and doing one last tribute email. Just a thought, for a kind of informal, simple tribute from the many who knew Egon.)

Lea Lane and Bill Lewis

Shirley Anderson
Apr 30

Oh, sweetie, I'm sorry.

This is a stupid question but I'm compelled to ask it - are you okay? Will you be taking your dad's ashes to B.C.? If you need to talk, feel free to email, text, chat, call, smoke signal, whatever.

Sending you a big {{{hug}}} xox

Lynn Goodacre
Apr 30

Hey Stevio,
Well, sorry to hear that dadio has passed, but it sure seemed like he was ready... My thoughts are with you. An odd coincidence is that my father died on the same day 9 years ago. Strange, eh?

Thank you for keeping me posted and I'm sending you lots of love.


Tina Lesco
Apr 30

Dear Steve,

I am so sorry to hear this news!

Egon was a wonderful man and I am happy our paths crossed!

96 years of loving life and sharing so much with so many.

May God bless you and may Egon rest in peace!

Tina & Rony

Jeff Janes
Apr 30

Steve, My deepest condolences I only got to talk to your dad for a few weeks while on my very first cruise and enjoyed his stories he made it that much more memorable for me. I must include my time following in his continued voyages on the MSC cruises. I know he loved people, he loved talking with people and performing for people and he was well received everywhere he went. A great and humble man. A man who loved flirting with the ladies as well. I do not know how many people were being emailed in his reports but I am assured all of them have gained by knowing him as I know I have gained The world is a little less bright and not as musical without him. I for one do miss him and will never forget him.
I know you may get many images so here is my contribution it was from our cruise

Left: Stephanie Thomas
Next: Me – Jeff Janes
Next: Your Dad
Right: Regina Paris

I wish you the best always

Sally Hogan
Apr 30

Our condolences to you. I marveled and shared your Dad and parts of his amazing journey with many. So very unique!

Sally Hogan

susan lindsay
Apr 30

Steve, Thank you for letting me know of your dad's passing. He was quite a man & will be missed. Susan.

Dorna Bullpitt
Apr 30

I am so sorry to hear about Egon's passing to the "afterlife." Yes indeed, his music and his spirit console us - and I especially hope they console you. Take care and thank you for keeping his vast list of friends, acquaintances and family up dated through what I know have been trying times for you.

Dorna Bullpitt

Christine Yost
Apr 30

Dear Steve, thank you for letting me know that your father Egon has passed.
I know it is hard to really say anything at a time like this, but I hope you can take comfort in your memories at this time of sadness.

I met your father as a patient when I was working for Dr. Jenkins as a Dental Assistant. He was a real character and when he said he was going to start to cruise rather than go to a Home for old people and just sit there waiting ! I found that in itself to be interesting. The fact that he was going to get on a ship and he had organized it for a entire year that impressed me. I really enjoyed his emails as he went from place to place ! I did not know him well but I will always remember him.

Again thank you and take care,

Gerri Nazzaro
Apr 30

Dear Steve,

I am sad to hear of your father's passing but happy that he is not in pain anymore. It is hard to believe that it was just two short years ago that my husband and I met your dad for a brief time during our trip to Scandinavia. There aren't many people who leave me with such a strong impression and who make me smile when I think of them, but your dad was certainly one of those people. He reminded me of my own father in many ways; passionate about life, and having the ability to stay so focused on any given topic. He was the highlight of our evening at the dinner table each night on the cruise, and the memory of that time will always stay with us. He was a special person, so intelligent and full of life.

I know that having you as a son must have comforted him very much. He mentioned your name often in his emails, with a tone that was warm and caring. Both I and my husband have helped to take care of our own independent parents up to their passing and know how much that meant to them. I am sure your dad felt blessed having you there by his side when he needed you.

I hope that the good memories that you have of him will help you get through this difficult time.

Thank you for keeping us up to date and sharing this information with us.


Gerri & Scott

From the MSC Norwegian cruise, summer 2011

Apr 30

Dear Steve,

What a beautiful letter that honors your father's celebration of life. We hope to pack in at least half the living he did. He was very inspiring and a pleasure to be around- even if he did kick our behinds at Scrabble! Thank you for keeping us posted when your father couldn't. We will remember him fondly, especially every cruise we take.

Hugs from our family to yours,

Pam and Steve Smith

Apr 30

Thank you Steve beautifully written - he will be missed and his memory treasured.

Anne Vance
May 1

So sad to hear this – thank you Steve, for thinking of us all in your grief. Your Dad was always so proud of you, and I can understand why. I will really miss his emails but will always remember his inspiring spirit. Thinking of you, Anne & Greg Vance, Polly & Colin Harding – friends from Australia

May 1

Dear Steve

Bless you - heartfelt words - Egon's music lifted all who heard him play.
Only briefly meeting on board ship, some touch your life forever.
May you find comfort in all those treasured memories of your Dad.

God bless, Paula

May 1

Dear Steve,

For me your father was my Little Prince... We read together the Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery and we wrote letters to each other regarding the stars...This was especially during my period in Poesia, where I was the hotel manager...I will miss a lot your father and I will continue to carry our photo where ever I go...I every time put our photo on the wall in my office and when somebody ask med who is this gentleman...I always answer that he is my Little Prince...

Warm regards, Kristiina Uppala
(actually I'm the hotel manager in MSC MAGNIFICA)

Karen McCluskey
May 1

Sad day...

Love, Karen

Gai Gilbert
May 1

Dear Steve,
The world has just become a little less exciting with Egon's passing. Eadie and my thoughts and hearts are with you as you adjust to a life without him. I'm sure he is smiling right now as he departs on another trip. From what I have read recently it is evident that the apple has not fallen far from the tree. You are your father's son.

Best wishes,
Gai and Eadie

Elaine Patterson
May 2

Dear Steve,

I am so sorry to learn that Egon is no longer with us. I shall miss him greatly. Of course, you bear the greatest loss, but it is a loss to all of us.

I met Egon on a cruise in February 2011. Egon presided at our dinner table. My table mates and I agreed that it was the worst cruise we'd ever been on but we had the best time -- thanks to Egon. Other passengers would approach us and ask how we'd managed to get assigned to THAT table. What a legacy Egon has left! He had such an ability to engage strangers, who could not remain strangers for very long.
I last saw Egon about this time last year when he had to disembark from the Poesia for a few days. I picked him up in Lauderdale and drove him to North Palm Beach where he stayed with other Poesia friends until he could re-join the ship.

Since then we have exchanged fairly frequent e-mails. I last heard from Egon just about a month ago. We agreed that he would accompany me vicariously on a cruise with essentially the same itinerary as the one where we met. Egon's notes always brought a smile to my face and made my day. When my father was aging, I was told that the sense of sweet was the last to go, but, in Egon's case, I would say it was his sense of humor which he seemed to maintain despite the health challenges he was facing. Not only will I miss receiving his notes, but I shall miss the opportunity to share my travels with him.

Egon was an interesting man and a great character. We shall all miss him.

With deepest sympathy --

Mary Peppa
May 1

Dear Steve

Thankyou for letting me know about your dad, I passed the message on to all who knew him.
My heartfelt sympathies.I am glad he didn't suffer too long, he wasn't the sort of guy who would want to dwindle away in bed.

I have many fond memories of the times we spent together, those I will always cherish.
He and Heidy were an education in my life and will stay with me forever. All my best wishes to you

Carol Jennings
May 1


My deepest sympathy to you on the lose of your dad,he was an exceptional man.

God Bless
Carol Jennings

Scarlett, Vyvienne
May 1

Hi Steve.

I did not know you. But knew of you from your father.
Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your father.
May you find comfort in this time of sorrow.

Kind regards

Vyvienne Scarlett

May 1

Lieber Steve,

die Nachricht, vom Heimgang Ihres Vaters hat uns sehr berührt.
Auf einer Kreuzfahrt vor 3 Jahren haben wir Ihren Vater kennen gelernt.
Seine Klavierstücke die er am Nachmittag präsentierte ,waren für uns immer eine wunderbare
Unterhaltung. Auch unsere Gespräche waren sehr interessant und aufschlussreich.
Auch später der E-Mail Kontakt war sehr schön.
In Gedanken zeigen wir unser Mitgefühl und Trauer Ihres Vaters.

Gerhard und Hilde Lev

cadi koke
May 1

Steve....May God bless his soul. And reward him a place in heaven..he was a special man !

Dicle from Istanbul

Christine Handschin
May 1

Rest in peace Egon!

Dear Steve
Please accept my most sincere condolences of the loss of Egon. to you in your time of sorrow.

While we are mourning the loss of our friend, others are rejoicing to meet him behind the veil.

That's life

Christine, Bern, Switzerland

My heart go out

Bryan H. Andrews
May 1

Dearest Steve,

I would like to offer you my deepest and most heartfelt condolences

Yours Sincerely,

Bryan H.A.R. Andrews
FdSc Marine Operations
Warsash Maritime Academy

May 1

Dear Steve,

It is so sad and i deeply touched by your message

I do mourn with you.


Je schöner und voller die Erinnerung,
desto schwerer ist die Trennung.
Aber die Dankbarkeit verwandelt die Erinnerung
in eine stille Freude.
Man trägt das vergangene Schöne nicht wie einen Stachel,
sondern wie ein kostbares Geschenk in sich.
Inline-Bild 1
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

S Y Landsberg
May 1

Dear Steve, I am so sorry to hear your news of Egon,but glad that it has been able to happen in such a controlled way. I had just read an article in The Times saying that our queen should be allowed to abdicate since 'old age is an inescapable story of growing decrepitude fatigue and pain'. I thought that the Queen would never agree to such a depressing philosophy nor abdicate from life ,and nor would Egon. And then I got your email. He has been such a lesson to us all for the future. I know from Peter's death that your feelings will be part sadness, but part relief for him.

With our family's best wishes and the hope that you might some time visit us in England, Sylvia Landsberg.

cheryl bernstein
May 1

Dear Steve,

I am sorry for your loss,I new your father thru Olivia and it was fun meeting him.

Cheryl Bernstein

Thomas Morris
May 1

Dear Steve,

I am having a quiet weep as I read your email. Your fond words of Egon are so beautiful and we so much appreciate your taking the time to write to us.

We only shared 3 weeks with Egon almost two years ago on MSC Poesia but immediately were drawn to him and will always hold him most dear in our hearts. Sadly we share your grief with another friend here whose mother, aged 93, will be buried tomorrow. She too was a remarkable person. We have been so privileged to know them both.

I share with you John Donne’s prayer;:

Bring us, O Lord God, at our last awakening into the house and gate of heaven, to enter into that gate and dwell in that house, where there shall be no darkness nor dazzling, but one equal light; no noise nor silence, but one equal music; no fears nor hopes, but one equal possession; no ends nor beginnings, but one equal eternity. Amen

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Mel and Gill- in Tasmania

Harriett Slaughter
May 1

My husband and I met Egon at the Reef Regency in Cozumel when we were there for our annual winter visit a couple of years ago. We didn't know him well but it was very obvious that he was a remarkable man. I am glad to know that he is at peace and still "traveling" the world.

Harriett & Richard Slaughter

Dawn Davis
May 1

We were one of Egon’s acquaintances on the MSC Cruise. We found also that he was a special person who even in his older years lived life to the full . He had a remarkable sense of humour and really gave of himself to everyone especially through his remarkable talent for music. We are glad however that his passing was swift with we hope little pain. May God bless him. Whilst the matter was never discussed between us we were of the opinion that he was a Christian and through his E mails he promoted Christian values to everyone.

We are currently in America on a holiday from Australia. Whilst on the MSC Cruise we took a video of one of Egon’s piano performances. You probably have heard many of them but when we return we will send a copy to you so you can keep it as part of Egpn’s history which we no doubt would fill a library. Our condolences. Will be in touch on our return to Australia.

Dawn & Brian Davis Tweed heads Australia.

Sandy Latka
May 1

My very sincere condolences Steve to you and your family. Your father was truly inspirational and will never be forgotten. I play his CD often. I can tell by your very thoughtful and kind updates, that your father’s legacy will indeed live on through you. I hope that when you make the trip to Osoyoos that we get to meet. I regret that as of yet, I am still not living there full time, but do spend as much time as I can in beautiful Osoyoos.

I still have a smile when I think of the ingenious way he found to smuggle his drink on board his cruise, and how resourceful he was in finding a collapsible scooter to accommodate his on shore excursions. What a man!

Kind regards

Sandy Latka

Frank Lowery
May 1

Hello Steve,

Jackie and I are just back from a cruise. We were so sorry to read this email.
Egon was a fantastic cruise-mate, and most interesting man. We enjoyed
listening to him play the piano aboard the cruise ship. We have traded emails
both personal and of course, jokes, and interesting pictures and on-line urls.
We will miss passing time with him discussing music, history and many other

We will miss the witty emails. We are sad, that we will not have the chance to cruise
with him again. We, like many many folks, miss him already. We wish you well and please
accept our deepest thoughts and prayers for your father. He was one of the most
magnificent human beings that we have ever met.


Frank & Jackie Lowery

Alberta Sevy
May 1

Thank you, Steve, for including me in your list of Egon's email friends.
His attributes and his willingness to share them are not forgotten in White Sands. Seeing him had for the lake, driving off in his snappy little car, and greeting each of us by name are good memories for us all.

My condolences to you for the immediate feeling of loss you are experiencing, my admiration for you to stay close to your adventurous Dad.

My sincere good wishes,

Alberta Sevy

PS: I have Egon's letters (with pics) at home i Osoyoos and I plan to look at them again when I return home. (Iam in Calgary at the present).

May 1

Dear Steve, So sorry to hear of your Dad's passing he will be sadly missed.Jim and I are traveling back to Vt and are at the Benjamens.

You are in our thoughts and prayers

 love and hugs Cathy and Jim

Sullivan, Susan (HAL)
May 1

Dear Steve,

It is with sadness that I read this email but there are also so many fond memories of his emails to me (us!) regarding his travels. Thank you for letting us know and for writing such a beautiful note, capturing his life and loves.

I enjoyed meeting him over the phone and via emails…..and re-visiting his website was great. Take care and know that we

will not forget him or his wonderful spirit!

Kind regards,
Susan Sullivan

Personal Cruise Consultant
Holland America Line

Maria Alcantara
May 1

Dear Steve,

It is with a very heavy heart that I read your news of your Father's passing. I am going to miss him and his emails. They were something I looked forward to every day. Having already lost my own father, I know what you must be going though and I sympathise. Mom and I send our most heartfelt condolences.

Mom and I would like to make a donation in Egon's name to a charity of your choice. Please let me know which one. I would love to have a CD of your Father's but this can wait until everything settles down. My Mom and I had invited your Father to visit us, some time back, when he was still feeling well. I had hoped to see him again. Since this is no longer possible, we would like to invite you in his place, to take some time off when you can and come to visit us. We just need to know when, so that I can set a room aside. As I considered your Father a friend, there was to be no charge for his visit. We were going to catch up on what had been going on in our lives. This applies to you, also. Consider it a visit to a friends' house, as your Father's would have been. Since you and I both have businesses geared to tourism, summer is always a bad time. But Fall is good. I leave this up to you.

We will keep you and Egon in our thoughts and prayers.

Sincerely, Maria

Hans-Ueli Flueckiger
May 1

Dear Steve

I feel sorry about your information, otherwise i have a good feeling for Egon. He has enjoyed his live in a way not many people will do. He has realised, we have only one live!

We have met on a Cruising Ship and I had the feeling to meet a great person!

I feel with you, Steve, you had only one father, a very important person in your life. You feel very trieste, otherwise happy he has no Paine anymore.

I wish you al the best!

Love   Hans-Ueli y Norah

Sylvia Janssens
May 2

Hello again, Steve.

'Missing' a loved one is, in my mind, the greatest honour we can bestow that person. At age 64, I still 'speak' with my mother who passed away some 8 years ago and, thus, she is with me always. When trouble seems to loom above me I say 'oh dear, Mummy, help me'. Even go so far as to discuss developments in a sitcom we used to enjoy.... and I was never attached to her apron-strings, very independent was I. Notwithstanding that, at age 53, walking in the Madagascar rain forest and badly injuring my feet... who did I want to talk to when back in civilisation, My Mum; thank God the telephone lines were down that day as what in heaven's name could my poor mother have done but worry. When I arrived at her place - my first port of call after a long trip - she was shocked at how I looked and delighted at how I sounded, so great was my joy at being under her roof (and in her bath).

Take care of yourself, Steve, Egon will be watching.

Love,  Sylvia

Lutz Landsberg
May 2

Dear Steve,

die Landsbergs aus Berlin möchten Dir unser tiefstes Mitgefühl überbringen.

Es war für Ihn und auch für uns sehr wichtig zu wissen, daß es jemanden gibt (seinen Sohn) der Ihm in dieser Zeit der Krankheit zur Seite steht und Ihn in seinem Herzen weiter tragen wird.

Wir werden Deinen Vater immer in Erinnerung behalten. Wir können Dir in dieser schweren Zeit des Abschiednehmens nur von Ferne zur Seite stehen und fühlen mit Dir.

Lieber Steve,

wir hoffen Dich auch noch einmal wieder zu sehen. Unser Kontakt sollte nicht verloren gehen. Bleib bis dahin gesund und erhole Dich von dieser sicher auch für Dich sehr anstrengenden , aber auch ergreifenden Zeit.

Viele liebe Grüsse

Lutz und die Landsberg-family in Berlin

Unter welcher Mailadresse kann man Dich dann erreichen?

May 2


You don’t know me, but I knew your dad and Heidy during the early 1980s when both were in good health. My parents had just moved to Osoyoos and I spent summers there.
Their place, overlooking the lake, was a social gathering point with lots of music and laughs, open to all ages. Those two were obviously happy together. Egon brought cheap booze across the US border in his van’s double floor, and entertained people with his organ playing. Some guests ended up with hangovers (my dad dubbed it Egon’s Trailer Brand), but everyone had a great time. Your father gave me a book by Nietzsche (The Gay Science), which greatly impressed me given the latter’s ominous reputation following the Nazi period, and the terrible things that happened to Egon’s family.
But he refused to be a victim, nursing Heidy back to health after her first stroke, and after. She would have died much earlier without his support.

You are right, your dad listened to people and was truly interested in what others had to say. He loved his dog, although the dog did not obey him and often wandered away. I recall Egon calling asking whether we had seen him (“good boy,” Egon said to him, although the dog was far from that).
Perhaps that is what made your dad so truly special. He accepted and loved others – human and animal beings, despite all their shortcomings and faults. I greatly regret I never saw him after the 1980s, although my mother kept me current on his recent travels. Egon also brightened my parents’ days with his fascinating travel reports, and other information he forwarded by e-mail.

We will all miss him, and I can truly say that among all the remarkable people I have had the privilege to meet, your dad definitely makes the top five.

Marcel Ernst (junior)

Edwin Osborne
May 2

So sorry to hear about Egon - he was an inspiration to us and he was a man who lived and loved life to the fullest. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Ted and Carol Osborne

Roy Amaron
May 2

Hi Steve and thank you for sending us your sad news. I’m sure your dad would have preferred not to live in a debilitated state and in that sense his passing would be a blessing. Still we will miss him and all those attributes mentioned in your email. He was most fortunate to be able to go to you when his health failed him and his ability to “do his thing” became limited. For me he was a boyhood idol and an adult client and friend. We enjoyed many good times together, especially those “raparian” gatherings at his home in Ste. Rose. And we followed his odyssey, most of his reports on which are somewhere in our computer. As I mentioned, we had hoped to drop in on him on our way to Sturgeon Falls in July but that is not to be. It is fitting that his ashes, and those of Heidy, whom we remember fondly as well, should grace the shores at Osoyoos. No doubt the notes of his organ will echo there as well. Be comforted that there are many, like us, who have many fond memories of your dad. Elizabeth joins me in offering our condolences. If you are planning a visit to South-Western Ontario do look us up. Meanwhile, all our best.


Gunnar Vetlejord
May 3

Im sorry. I will miss him on the MSC ships.

All the best, and my deepest feelings with you...he was really at man!!


May 3

To Steve and Family,

It's so sad, I miss Egon,

I miss his e.mails, it is so quiet, no more messages,

my deepest sympathy


May 3

Egon Ahoi!

So sagt man Abschied zu einen alten Seemann wen ER von uns geht !

Hallo Steve !

Du hast einen Vater verloren oder ein bißchen mehr.

Ich weiß nicht ob Dir unsere Anteilnahme in Deinen abschiedsschmerz etwas hilft wir versuchen es .

Wir haben in Egon einen Mann verloren der einer der größten war in seinen , Können,als MusiKer und Unterhalter (Enterteiner). Er war ein guter Kapitän hat viele Hindernisse umseglt, schwere Zeiten und Stürme überstanden und besiegt Am Ende seines Lebens währe sein letzter wunsch faßt in erfüllung gegangen, ER wollte auf See sterben und ein Seemansgrab.

Es war die Zeit als ER sein Leben einen anderen Kapitän anvertraute auf einer Weltreiße, DA war ER noch mal Jung,hatte ein ausgewähltes Puplikum ,was braucht ein Entertainer?? Applaus .Applaus.

An Land gings dann schnell den Fluss runter obwohl Du ihn eine neue heile kleine Welt bei Dir zu Hause gegeben hast Steve. Dies Welt hat ihn sehr gut gefallen ER hat es uns in einen Brief mitgeteilt. Jetzt ist ER auf seine letzte große Reiße gegangen, und sein wunsch in einen Seemannsgrab seine ruhe zu finden ist auch von Dir angenommen worden Steve.

Am ende seines Lebens war ihn das schicksal noch einmal gnädig und hat ihn von seinen Schmerzen befreit.

Wir können jetzt nur sagen, Egon AHOI!  Irgendwan sind wir alle wieder vereint


Hallo Steve send uns alle daten die wir brauchen für eine Todesanzeig in der Zeitung, wirsind das unseren Freund schuldig Ludwig

M.Luisa Rodz
May 3

Dear Steve:

I am trully sadden but he will not suffer anymore. As I told you, I just arrived today to Spain with the Poesia and everyday during the crossin I kept I continiously seeing him in passengers that resembled Egon.

I will always keep his music and conversations we had in my heart.


Marta Rodríguez

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Heidi Ernst
May 3

Dear Steve,

It is a sad time. Sorry for your loss Steve, I can’t find the right words. It is a big loss for everyone. But thank you Steve that you shared your Dad’s last journey with all of us.

We have at least CD’s from Egon’s music and lots of unforgettable memories from Osoyoos ! That will help a little bit. -------


Heidi and Marcel

In Kelowna

Frans Fonteyn
May 3

Hello Steve,

We are with you in our thoughts in these difficult times. We will remember your father as the fine man he was.

Ingrid and Frans


May 3

Lieber Steve,

wir sind über Deine Nachricht, dass Egon gestorben ist, sehr traurig. Wir hatten Egon sehr gern und haben uns stets gefreut, ihn zu treffen und mit ihm zu schwatzen. Auch die kurze Zeit mit Euch beiden im Schweizer Oberland haben wir in sehr schöner Erinnerung. Zuletzt haben wir Egon in Kiel getroffen, er hatte einen Zwischenstopp mit der MSC Crociere und wir hatten einige schöne Stunden miteinander. Auch die Begegnungen in Bern mit Egon und Suzanne bleiben uns in tiefer Erinnerung. Sein Buch und seine handschriftlichen Erinnerungen, die er uns überlassen hat, werden wir aufbewahren und wenn es die Zeit endlich zulässt in unserer Familiengeschichte verarbeiten.

Lieber Steve, wir wünschen Dir für die kommende Zeit viel Kraft und das Du die Trauer bald überwindest. Egon hatte ein erfüllte und interessantes Leben. Wir werden ihn in sehr guter Erinnerung behalten.

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, Dich einmal wiederzusehen.

Sei herzlich umarmt von Fritz und Irene und den Töchtern Laura und Lydia
PD Dr. Irene Zierke
Universität Potsdam
Fachbereich Soziologie

Claudia Beck
May 4

Dear Steve

Thank you very much for your e-mails about your father.

I have so good memories about Egon and I feel with you.

We will miss him.

Love Claudia

May 4

Dear Steve,

we are sorry to hear of Egon’s passing away. We only knew him for a very short time, but we fondly remember him as a really gifted musician and a very pleasant man.

kind regards

John Bragginton and Jeanne Allen.

Bart Kakoschke
May 4

Dear Steve,

My sincere condolences. Your father was truly a remarkable man and I feel honoured to have shared some time with him whilst cruising. May he rest in peace.

Best regards,

Bart Kakoschke

6:02 PM

My deepest sympathy.

He was a lovely guy.



Ruth Bestgen

Lieber Steve

...ich denke oft an Egon, ein Mann mit Herz, Charme und wunderbarer Waisheit. Ich habe Egon durch meine Schwester Beatrice kennengelernt und bin sehr glücklich darüber und es ist für mich eine grosse herzens Erfahrung, dass ich einem solchen faszinierenden Menschen begegnen durfte.

Mit meinen Gedanken bei Egon, ein geliebter Mensch fehlt, doch gute Erinnerungen aneinandergefügt, bringen ihn immer wieder zurück.
Lieber Steve Dein geliebter Paps lebt in Deiner und unserer Erinnerung weiter und wer weiss vielleicht werden wir ihn, in der anderen Welt
eines Tages wieder begegnen.....

...wie sagte doch Jeremias Gotthelf

So ist es bekanntlich alle Tage in der Welt:

Hier geht die Sonne unter und schwarz wird es

vor den Augen, und dort geht sie auf und

vergoldet alles mit ihrem Schein.

Mit herzlicher Anteilnahme, kann ich Deinen Schmerz nachempfinden.

Liebe Grüsse

The Sister from Beatrice


Irisches Grabgedicht

Steh’ nicht am Grab mit verweintem Gesicht,
ich bin nicht da, ich schlafe nicht.

Ich bin im Wind, der weht über die See,
Ich bin das Glitzern im weißen Schnee.
Ich bin die Sonne auf reifender Saat,
Ich bin im Herbst in der goldenen Mahd.

Wenn Du erwachst im Morgenschein,
werde ich immer um Dich sein.
Bin im Kreisen der Vögel am Himmelszelt,
ich bin der Stern, der die Nacht erhellt.

Steh’ nicht am Grab in verzweifelter Not,
ich bin nicht da – ich bin nicht tot!

Hi Steve,

we do not know, if you can read and understand German – this poem is an Irish one (I have only the German version), but we heard it at the burial of my father six years ago, and it touched me strongly!!
Thank you for the wonderful words you have written to all of us.

All the best for you

Jutta and Heinz


Hi Steve,

This is very sad news. Thank-you for letting me know, and for sharing all the info. Most especially... Bless your heart for being such a wonderful, loving son to Egon. (He became like a "Dad" to me, since we met when he and Heidi were in White Sands, and thru` Heidi`s loss, and onward until Egon left (he bought my Pleasureway) for Ontario, then on his world cruise). Oh, how I miss his warm hugs and knowing words (+stories!).
I am writing this on a laptop that I bought from Egon. I also have many of his CD`s, and purchased many copies from him for my family (Mom has hers in her LTC hosp. room).

There are so many things to love/admire about this precious man and dear friend. All who were blessed to know him have been inspired, even in awe, by his true "essence", his heartful and kind ways, his talent, love of travel and all family,friends,dogs,etc. Egon, Heidi and I often had afternoon tea together - both so precious - they insisted I bring little "Mugs" (Maltese), so, despite my objections, he would get cake, too! My Mom, Stepdad + I often attended Egon`s "concerts" down in their social room. Wonderful memories of this greatly loved man will sustain us - perhaps, his legacy is simple - celebrate and cherish who you are/your unique gifts - and take advantage of every opportunity to do what you enjoy (+ never under-estimate the importance of hugs!)

I still live across the street fr. Whitesands - Os.( Egon sometimes played my keyboard - he could make it make it "sing" like never before - amazing!!! ).

I`m not surprised that Egon wants his ashes in Os., with Heidi. You and Joyce would be welcome to stay in my condo if that suits you. My Mom is not well in Ab., so I may not be here, but it would be free and comfortable for you. This is an open offer, anytime.

Heartfelt condolences,

Lorraine Snider ( Osoyoos )

V & M Ryan

Dear Steve,

First of all, our heartfelt condolences on the passing of your incredible father, Egon. At his age, it wasn't unexpected, but one is always hopeful and we wished that his great zest for life and determination would miraculously pull him through again. He was a real inspiration to all of us here at White Sands as we followed his ups and downs--mostly incredible adventures--on his cruises around the world. You put it so well: Egon lived a rich life and generously shared his thoughts, his music, himself with many people. May he rest in peace. We hope we will see you when you carry out Egon's wishes to have his ashes scattered over Osoyoos Lake.

We will enjoy reminiscing as we listen to our DVDs by Egon.


Michael & Vera Ryan

Lieber Steve,

Danke für die Mitteilung vom Tod von Egon. Ich spreche Ihnen meine aufrichtige Anteilnahme aus. Egon war ein aussergewöhnlicher Mensch und hat mich sehr beeindruckt durch seine liebenswürdige Art. Ich werde mich gerne an ihn erinnern. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Kraft und auch Zuversicht für die kommende Zeit.

Herzlich grüsst Sie

Rosmarie Waldburger
CH-4535 Hubersdorf

Barbara Uchwat

Dear Steve,

We were so sorry to hear that Egon passed away. We met your Dad in Cozumel at the Reef Regency, where he was awaiting the arrival of his beloved ship, to finally get on with his travels. We got to know and love him, in 15 short days. He was an amazing man! He was eloquent, intelligent and had an incredible sense of humor, especially after his 2nd Martini ! We, along with everyone he met there, absolutely adored him. Please accept our sincere condolences. The world is a better place, having had him here with us all, for as long as we did.


Barbara and Mark Uchwat
Montreal, Quebec

Dave and Angie Nicholas

Dear Steve;

Angie and I were saddened to arrive home to your note of your fathers passing. Please accept our sincere condolences to both you and your family.Your kind words resonated with the truth of what we found in Egon's friendship in the ten or so years we had the priveledge to call him our friend.

Thank you for taking the time to keeping in touch with us and the many friends Egon had touched over the course of his lifetime.

Sincerely, Dave and Angie Nicholas,
Penticton, B.C.

wilfred mccluskey

Hi Steve

We are so sorry to hear about your Dad. I know when we met in November he wasn’t doing very good. It seems he really did enjoy his life though.

Take Care
Kent Martha and Catlin
Mutual Fund Representative
Hub Capital Inc.


Good morning Steve,

I am so happy to hear that your father lived his dream of living on a cruiseship instead of a seniors home....I was overjoyed to hear this. I never knew that your dad was so talented...but coming from an European country...why should I have been surprised...

I can see where you get your gentleness from. Your obit about your father was so touching and so wonderfully written. Have you ever considered writing a novel or maybe a bio on your father...
You have are so fluent in putting words together... Every time I drive down Lakeshore, I wonder how you are doing...

Have a great summer
Forever blessed


Good Evening Steve,

many thanks for the information. we are very sorry.
we hope that Egon has found Heidy and his Angels and now he is happy and serene.

Sincere condolence.
Loretta, Edvige (Edy), Guglielmo, Daniele, Alice and Jakopo, Loretta's husband.

Danika Rice

Hi Steve,

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. What a wonderful, long and full life he lead. Take care of yourself. Thinking of you. I heard some lovely stories from Allison, who knew Egon in his last couple of months. He sure was loved at Marina Point. I think many of the ladies there will miss him ;)


Jennifer Mapplebeck

Dear Steve,

We were sorry to hear of Egons passing. He will be be missed very much.
Our thoughts are with you.

Jennifer and Brian (Mapplebeck)


I was so sorry to hear about the said loss of your father Egon.
I and my husband John met Egon when he chose to sit at our table for evening meals on a cruise ship - there were another 5 people sitting with us. We had many laughs with him, with my putting the world to rights, as one does. And, he told us many stores of his personal experiences.
He played the piano for about one hour 3 days each week on the cruise watched by many cruisers and appreciated. I sent him a video of him playing, which he said enjoyed watching.

Again, sorry to hear about his loss, but we did enjoy listening to his vast happy experiences in his life.

Regards,  Margaret

Elise Lauber-Sparre

Dear Steve,

I've just read your sad news that Egon is no more and I'm crying for a good friend whom I had learned to appreciate very much! He was an extraordinary man and I'm proud of having had the privilege of knowing him. He was so positive and full of life and knew how to express it. What more can I say other than I feel with you at the loss of your father. I'm glad for both of you that he lived near you these last months, that it did not happen far away on a boat...
I can't find your email address but I'm sure you're still checking Egon's and will receive this.

I'm so sad, and feel a great loss,

love Elise

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