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From 1947 - 1963 I was an importer specializing in sunglasses and eventually became the biggest in this field. However, labour and shipping strikes in Europe combined to make this business increasingly risky and uncertain, so that I felt that this was the best time to get out - (future years proved me right). Profession#1.jpg (29540 bytes)
Profession#2.jpg (20790 bytes) So I sold out, sold everything in Canada, including the 15-room house with everything in it, where my now from me separated wife and I used to live with 4 children, and went to Europe with only a Corvair Convertible, towing a custom built trailer housing one of the first electronic theater organs and began my second career as a musician, playing first in the Kursaal Bern (a concert hall), then in various hotels and restaurants.
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At home and with my lead singer




1.  Elisabethian Serenade 

 2.  Easy Living

3.  Plaisir d'amour

Due to ongoing interest, I have created 20 CD's available at a nominal $ 7.  each 
for your listening pleasure or to give as presents.
You can view the song list and access an order form below - thanks

“Egon Plays for you”             SONG PLAY LIST    &    CD ORDER FORM

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