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From: Bjørn Erik Larsen <bjorn.erik.larsen@me.com>
Date: 2011/9/10
Subject: you are the star at my paper
To: egon landsberg <44egon44@gmail.com>

Hi Egon. Hope everything is well ! Today we ran the story about you in the magazine, and you got the centerspread from wall to wall (and we usually don`t run images that big) ! You were a big hit, and everybody I know are talking about you. So now you`re not only notorious, but also famous ! At least in Norway. Too bad you don`t have any trips left here (at least on this cruise).

The link to the multimediastory is:


Unfortunatly you have to install microsoft silverlight to se the videos, but it´s definitly worth it.

I´m also going to wright a small piece about the story on my blog (and do some in english as well, because I think there`s a lof of people who will read it). I´d very much like to show the picture you took of me on the ground in front of the car, if that would be ok with you, and you could email me it.

Hope the rest of you trip goes well, and you find another cruise to go on (and a wonderful companion). If you return to Norway, make sure you send me a messange. Perhaps I´ll come back and torment you some more :o)

regards, Bjørn Erik

Update:         There is now a video on Vimeo here: http://vimeo.com/54357204



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